The KIPLI sawhorse, an unexpected innovation

Kipli, the unexpected innovation. Kipli brand is a product from Bois Industrie You might ask, What is more ordinary than a wooden sawhorse ?
Kipli® has revolutionized a product which has not changed since its creation.
Thanks to its unique patented concept, Kipli® is the only entirely foldable wooden sawhorse, which takes up five times less space than a conventional sawhorse.
The Kipli® is a solid and durable sawhorse not only by its design but by the type of components used.
This is why the wood used for the Kipli® is carefully selected and has undergone rigorous quality controls.
The hardware used for the Kipli is created specifically for us of the highest quality C35 steel by European standards.

Kipli brand is a Bois Insdustrie product

The KIPLI® sawhorse is the only entirely foldable wooden sawhorse.
Its compact size when folded is five times smaller than that of conventional sawhorsed currently available.
KIPLI is trademarked and its original concept has an international patent application (PCT).

Kipli : an original concept

1. The legs of the sawhorse fold entirely under its base.
2. The bottom of the legs of the Kipli are angled to allow for a flat steady surface when the Kipli is in its open position, thereby improving stability.
3. The sliding mechanism permits the legs to open at an angle, and be secured by the hinge.
4. The double hinge créâtes excellent stability and guides the feet when folding.

KIPLI,SPECIFICATION ... extremely practical

Volume unfolded : 0,795 x 0,734 x 0,395 = 0,2305 m³
VOLUME FOLDED : 0,073 x 0,795 x 0,094 = 0,0054 m³
Maximum recommended weight on the Kipli is 550 lbs. on an even surface, with weight evenly distributed
Wooden components : 2 varieties : pine or hardwood.
Four wooden legs measuring 20 x 40 x 725 mm.
Wooden crosspiece base with striated top measuring 20 94 x x 795 mm.
Hardware components: galvanized C35 steel components measuring 2mm in thickness
2 galvanized steel hinges
2 double
26 wood Philips head screws 4 x 16 mm
2 double compass and 2 compass of blocking in galvanised steel with stuffing stiffening

KIPLI sawhorse : an ideal solution with unlimited uses

KIPLI sawhorse : an ideal solution with unlimited uses
Do-it-yourself projects
Furniture (table support, youth furniture, clubs)
Professional activities: markets, receptions
Professional uses by painters, contractors and builders